A New Years Poem to Myself


I know you forgot who you are,
that for the past year
you have only seen the scars on your skin
and remembered weakness
but look again,
see the way your body has healed?
It has done so messily.
Sometimes your hair is a mess,
and you don’t shave you legs for weeks
but you are so beautiful
and this year,
I won’t let you cover that up.
You will not bend your body
so it can fit into his,
you will not give pieces of yourself away
to anyone
not your father, not your best friend,
not the demons who pass through your head.
You will remember that you
are mostly water,
ever changing
and more powerful that the earth beneath your feet.
This year,
you will listen to your soul first
and the world second.
This year you will belong to yourself.

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You’re made of the stars and whilst that may not mean anything to you you’ll be someone’s whole universe one day. I’m not talking about falling in love with a person, live for yourself. Fall in love with the world and life and yourself and grow and have children who will all have their own universes growing inside them that you created. Then you’ll be happy you made it through tough times like these

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I remember crying over you and I don’t mean a couple of tears and I’m blue. I’m talking about collapsing and screaming at the moon.
― The Avett Brothers (via girlsjunk)

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im very different to how i used to be Im not worried about changing as a person, im worried about changing as a person and having the same sadness and troubles come back to me with every person i grow into

v scared of myself and drugs lately

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